Family law

Family law

Family law


To us, your child is more valuable than any piece of property can ever be. We fight for your legal rights as if we are fighting a crusade, keeping your interests above and beyond any other commitment. We do everything in our power to make sure that your child is given the correct legal recourse that would benefit his/her future in the long-term, since children are the bloodline of the world, and need to be valued as the leaders that they will be.


The end of a marriage is always a big step. But it can be bittersweet if done correctly.

As stated earlier, this area is predominately a matter before the lower courts of Pakistan, but BLC believes in providing the most sensitive of legal care and client dealing when working with a divorce/khula case.


Maintenance is a sticky situation because sometimes the other party flatly does not wish to pay or doesn’t have the means to. In both situations, procuring maintenance and setting its rightful value can be a complex. We at BLC advocates that fight aggressively for you before the courts, so that you are best served.


Known as one of the most complex areas of Islamic law, inheritance matters are very intricate. This is exacerbated due to the fact that the emotional toll on a family of a beloved parent, spouse, sibling, or child is too much to bear. When money or other forms of property are added to the mix, there is a great chance of extreme conflict. Individuals within large or small families have differing viewpoints, agendas, and experiences and these become hard to navigate. But with BLC , we know how to manage emotionally charged conflict and convert it into the form of an appropriate legal remedy, without creating a long-lasting family feud. Given that we are also very familiar with the area of inheritance, we can provide you with reasonable expectations right at the outset of the case so that you can better navigate your inheritance matter.

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